Bodon, La Grande Brasserie

Real craftsmanship is back.

You’ll imagine yourself in France for a while at Bodon, La Grande Brasserie. The dishes are traditional and artisanal. The interior is extravagant. Table preparations are back with a culinary show element.

We look forward to welcoming you!




  1. The last name of men destined for greatness
  2. The family name of a very unselfish man. If the first name he is given is Manny then he is also loved by all women and sometimes misunderstood by their husbands.
  3. A man with a very big heart that has much to offer the world.

The interior of Bodon, La Grande Brasserie is extravagant. The restaurant is richly decorated with a stylish mix of marble, wood and vintage elements. You’ll find a blend of materials from the 1950s and 1970s, combined with the colours of the 1960s from floor to ceiling. 


Don Draper (Mad men)

Our Kitchen

The stories behind our dishes.

Bodon, La Grande Brasserie, is returning to the origin of authentic French cuisine. Our dishes have unique stories to tell. Together with passionate suppliers, we strive to provide the best quality.

Read the stories here.